How much are avoidable ER visits costing you?




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(Avoidable ER Episodes Per Your Total Covered Lives)*
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*2013 Truven Health Analytics Study Avoidable ER Department Usage Analysis
**2016 Milliman White Paper: Potential Savings when from an emergency department to an urgent care setting in commercial populations

Want more info on the ER Savings Initiative?



The ER Savings Initiative is a movement to educate and inform consumers, employers, and governments on the excessive and unnecessary utilization of the emergency room.  The Hybrid Community Care bills patients as urgent care or emergency care based on the level of service needed saving millions locally in unnecessary charges with better outcomes.  

Who is "Joining the Movement to Reduce ER Utilization and Spending?"
 Governments & Municipalities  Employers   Insurance Brokers and Consultants  Coalitions and more

The ER Savings Initiative explained in an infographic