What is an Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care?

What is an Emergency Room vs Urgent Care? 

An urgent care typically treats non-life threatening conditions, some of which include common colds, flu, strep throat, lacerations and more.  

An emergency room treats conditions in need of immediate attention, some of which include chest pain, abdominal pain, dehydration, complex fractures, and much more

Selection of the right facility can make a big difference in the financial outcome of your visit. Choosing an emergency room and not having an emergency means you will substantially overpay for your treatment. Selecting an urgent care and needing an emergency room will add additional unnecessary cost, but more importantly possibly waste valuable time being transferred to a facility that is capable of treating your condition.  

Legacy ER & Urgent Care was founded on the premise of solving this problem. Each facility is equipped to handle the seriousness of any emergency while being able to bill what turns out to be lower acuity needs at urgent care billing rates. This means that as a patient you do not have to try to self-triage on where to go. The answer is to always choose Legacy ER & Urgent Care and know your bill will be reflective of only the care you require to treat your condition. Why is this significant? Because 44%-65% of national ER visits could have been treated and billed at urgent care rates, but weren’t. With over 80% of our patients receiving urgent care billing, we are vastly improving cases of unnecessary ER visits while saving our communities millions in health care costs. See ER Savings Initiative by Legacy for more imformation

Will I ever unknowingly be considered an ER patient without consent?  

The short answer is absolutely not, and we mean this emphatically. We require that an additional consent be obtained to make sure there are no surprises, which goes far beyond what is required. 

Why is Legacy’s Emergency Room only open from 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. every night?

Legacy offers the largest amount of operating hours in which urgent care level billing is available in all of North Texas. Our research has shown that they vast majority of lower acuity patients that would qualify for urgent care billing seek care between the hours of 7:00am-9:00pm, thus our hours of urgent care billing were set. This allows for accurate staffing to ensure our patients are always able to receive high quality patient care at an unmatched level of efficiency.
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