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Legacy ER & Urgent Care sees thousands of patients a month at our 6 facilities and every single one is important to us.  Legacy ER & Urgent Care is recognized as having one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the healthcare segment in the country, and on the level of nationally recognized customer service companies, you use every day.  This is our greatest accomplishment and it means your patient experience matters.  


Understanding online reviews:

In the digital age we live in, online reviews are becoming more and more common. It is important to understand that there are online reviews that there are useful and those that are not.  If you can decipher the reasons people say the things they do in their reviews, you can better decide if the review will be helpful to you.  

Many times, patients write a review out of haste, frustration or anger which is understandable.  However, these types of reviews won't be helpful to other patients because they are written from emotion and not objective facts. If the review is not descriptive or too general, beware as it might have been written out of temporary frustration.  It is also important to remember you could be liable for slander if you make claims that are false.  Just because it is free publishing doesn't mean you're free to write anything you want.  Thousands of people are sued and lose every month because they made false claims of service.
You know the old adage "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.  If a company or product has nothing but glowing reviews, that might be a red flag that the reviews are not legitimate and you should proceed with caution because they may have been manipulated. National based companies get black flagged for this pretty routinely by search engines.  For example, if a free-standing ER sees 5 patients a day which many of our competitors do, and there are 200+ reviews, that response rate far exceeds what is possible, and those reviews are probably being planted by a reputation management company or other third parties.  Some signs of these are the reviewer is anonymous, or no picture is presented on the review.    
Be sure what the reviewer is reviewing is relevant to your actual medical care.  Are they critiquing the waiting room decor or are they discussing the doctor’s competency?  
Bottom line: look for reviews that are specific and objective to help you make the best decisions about your care.