Why doesn't Legacy accept Medicare?

Why doesn’t Legacy accept Medicare? 

We often get asked why we don’t accept Medicare. This was not our intention and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have had or is causing.  Accepting Medicare would be an excellent business decision and one Legacy would gladly participate--if the Federal Government would recognize and reimburse our licensed facilities for the high-quality services we provide to our Medicare patients. When you create innovation in healthcare, it takes a combined effort from providers and patients alike to accept and adopt new ways of delivering care. We could use your support so that you have more options. Help us reach out to Medicare to allow you to have more convenient choices for your health care. 

Can I still be seen at your facility with Medicare?

We will never turn you away if you have an emergency. We will provide a medical screening evaluation (MSE) of your condition, and if you choose to continue care with Legacy, your costs will most likely be higher than at a Medicare participating facility.  

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