When to Come to Legacy ER & Urgent Care


At Legacy ER & Urgent Care, you only pay for the care you need, so the answer is: You can ALWAYS COME. No more making financial decisions when you or a family member needs to feel better. We will be upfront on whether your condition will get billed as an urgent care visit (more than 80% fall into this category) or an emergency. Here is a list of some of the conditions you will want to see us for.

Chest pains, abdominal pains

This can be serious or it can be just indigestion, but in either case, we can take care of you and will only bill you for the classification of diagnosis. So if it’s no big deal, your bill won’t be either.

Fractures, sprains, bruising

We have on-site X-Ray and CT scanners, so we can get you or your kids to a diagnosis quicker.

Lacerations, wounds, or bleeding

We sure do see a lot of these, and our board-certified, ER-trained docs will have you stitched or bandaged up in no time.


It goes without saying: we see many kids on a daily basis. We are fully trained and equipped to handle acutely ill children, with many of our physicians having specifically worked in nationally recognized pediatric hospitals and emergency rooms.

Sore throats, itchy eyes, fever

If you think you feel miserable now, wait to see how you feel after you get your bill if you went to an emergency room with those symptoms instead of Legacy.

Stroke Symptoms or Seizures

Do not ignore these symptoms. Get to us fast, or call 911.

Other Symptoms we treat


Insect bites, stings, allergic reactions




Burns, major and minor


Pink eye






Back Pain


Headaches or head injuries




Accidental Poisoning




Asthma & Breathing problems


Blood clots


Chemical exposure






Eye injuries


Foreign body removal


High fever