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Medical Issue? Hybrid Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Facilities Can Help - Legacy ER

Medical Issue? Hybrid Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Facilities Can Help - Legacy ER

During medical scares, it’s not a matter of where to get the quickest treatment, it’s a matter of where to get the correct treatment. Emergency centers and urgent care clinics offer a wide variety of medial services and, luckily, there are some medical facilities that offer both at the same time.
In the medical field, there are roughly 20,000 physicians who are currently practicing urgent care medicine. That number is growing exponentially, as well. Because of the increase in urgent care professionals, urgent care medicine is now an essential and recognized specialty of the entire medical field.

Urgent care facilities are great especially for patients who cannot get in to see their primary doctor or if they are in need of immediate medical attention, so long as it isn’t an emergency. For the majority of people who experience things like burns, cuts, sore throat, strains or sprains, flu symptoms, asthma, minor broken bones, or ear infections, urgent care can address these issues.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency or condition, however, because urgent care centers are not fully equipped to handle these medical situations, patients should call 911 or head to emergency centers.

For patients experiencing emergencies, the emergency room is your best bet. If you’re experiencing severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, sudden change in metal ability, major burns or broken bones, or a severe reaction to food, medication, or an insect bite, you should seek immediate medical attention.

A major benefit of having a hybrid urgent care/medical center facility is that for patients who are unsure of what kind of treatment they need, as it can often be confusing, they have both options right next to each other. Patients, especially in dangerous situations, won’t have to worry if they’re making the right decision by going to an urgent care facility instead of a medical center (or vice versa), because they can be easily transferred to the correct facility upon arrival.

If you’re in need of medical attention and you’re not sure about going to urgent care of emergency centers, why not visit both at the same time? Contact Legacy ER and Urgent Care today and get all your medical needs met.