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When to Come

Full-service Emergency Room & Urgent Care, All Under One Roof

Fever​When you or a loved one needs medical care due to an injury or worsening condition, you may not know whether to go to an urgent care facility or an emergency room. Legacy ER & Urgent Care lifts the burden of having to decide if you should go to the urgent care or emergency room to seek the appropriate level of care. Designed to help all patients, our ER-trained board-certified medical physicians will provide Emergency and Urgent Care services in one convenient location for when you need us most.

Patient-friendly Billing

It doesn’t matter why you decide to come in—you’ll get the same level of care regardless and only be billed for what you need. In moments of physical vulnerability, seek care confidently—free from the concern of financial or emotional drawbacks, whether you bring yourself or a loved one in to be evaluated by a physician. We will always be upfront about the billing status of your condition – more than 80% of our patients are billed at an urgent care level. The predominance of facilities unnecessarily up charging to emergency billing status is why we built Legacy—we are for the patient and fair billing.