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Eye Injury

eye injuryWhile some eye problems are mild, others are so significant that they require emergency care. Putting off treatment for serious eye problems can lead to vision loss or even blindness. Thus, it’s important to know what symptoms to look for when assessing an eye injury.

If your eye injury is significant, visit Legacy ER & Urgent Care. Our ER-trained physicians have access to diagnostic tools to determine the severity of the injury. Then, our doctors can treat your injury so you can begin the recovery process.

Causes of Eye Injuries:
People of all ages and suffer from eye injuries. Most eye problems are caused by sports accidents, strains, and workplace hazards. In fact, around 2,000 American workers seek medical treatment for eye injuries each day, according to the CDC.

Common Eye Problems

Some eye injuries are incredibly common. Common eye problems include:

  • Scratched eyes
  • Foreign objects in eyes
  • Chemical burns
  • Eye bleeding
  • Traumatic iritis
  • Orbital blowout fractures
  • Black eyes
  • Corneal abrasions
  • Retinal detachments

Eye Problems Symptoms – When to Go to the ER

While minor eye injuries typically respond to at-home treatment, you might need to go to the emergency room. Visit the emergency room or call 911 if you experience:

  • Significant vision changes
  • Swelling in the eyelids and around the eye
  • Double vision
  • Eyelid tear
  • Severe pain
  • Deep achy feeling around the brow and eye
  • Headache
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in the eye’s appearance, such as larger pupils or crossed eyes
  • Eye movement problems

What to Do If Irritants Are in the Eye

Each year, numerous eye injuries occur due to chemicals and other irritants. If this happens to you, flush your eyes. Then, have someone drive you to the emergency room.

What to Do if a Foreign Object Is in Your Eye

If you have a foreign object in your eye, your first reaction might be to remove it. However, without a proper evaluation, removing the object could cause vision loss, structural damage, or an infection. Thus, leave the foreign object in place and have someone drive you to the emergency room. If you cannot get to the emergency room, call 911.

If you have any of these symptoms or you’re simply worried about your eye injury, visit one of Legacy ER & Urgent Care’s six facilities. Each urgent care and emergency room facility is staffed with ER-trained physicians to diagnose and treat your injury.