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Accidents at Work

Two main types of injuries happen in the workplace: non-fatal and fatal. Non-fatal injuries include equipment mishaps, reactions to chemicals, and falls. Serious accidents include burns, deep cuts (or limb loss), and chemical poisoning. Common accidents at work often cause a decrease in production and property loss. But it can also lead to death. All industries have potential hazards that may lead to injury. However, industrial companies carry the highest risks. This is why it is crucial to recognize and remove hazards before an accident happens.

Causes of Accidents at Work

Overexertion and misuse of equipment are the most common causes of work accidents. Sometimes, employees try to carry or lift extremely heavy objects, resulting in injuries. This is the number one cause of injuries at work. Not knowing how to use machinery safely also results in accidents in the workplace.

Other causes of accidents at work include unexpected mechanical failure or power outages, carelessness, and poor workplace environment with slippery floors or poor lighting.

Consequences of Accidents in the Workplace

The consequences of accidents in the workplace are far-reaching. For example, an employee may break or lose a limb. Should a fire break out, employees may experience trauma, stress, or anxiety after suffering smoke inhalation or minor burn injuries.

Furthermore, accidents can lead to financial difficulties for employees and employers. When production is curbed, profits fall. This may turn into a vicious cycle. Also, the outcome of an accident can lower the morale of other employees. In turn, a company may experience even lower productivity.

Moreover, if a company gets a reputation for frequent accidents, it will struggle to attract and retain employees and customers.

Preventing Accidents at Work

Preventing work accidents is possible and starts with general awareness. Employees must know of and remove safety risks in their work environment. They must also receive ongoing training on how to use equipment and machinery safely. Furthermore, machines and equipment must be maintained regularly. Industries that work with hazardous materials must have warning signs and labels in prominent places to alert employees of any risks. All companies must have safety protocols to help prevent accidents.

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