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Sinus Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

Sinus infection, or sinusitis, refers to inflammation of the sinuses. The sinuses are air-filled cavities around the nose. When they become inflamed, it can cause several unpleasant symptoms.

Sinus Infection Symptoms

The common cold typically causes a sinus infection. It results in the following symptoms:

  • Facial pressure or tenderness, especially around the cheeks, eyes, and forehead
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • A loss of smell
  • Green or yellow mucus and post-nasal drip
  • Headache in the forehead

An acute sinus infection caused by a cold typically lasts less than four weeks. Subacute sinusitis can last for up to 3 months. The same goes for chronic sinusitis, which is often caused by bacteria.

Sinus Infection Causes

Even though viral infections like colds primarily cause sinus infections, they have other causes, too. Bacterial infections, allergies, nasal polyps, and a deviated septum can all cause sinusitis. Other sinus infection causes in adults and children include cystic fibrosis, changes in altitude, smoking, a weakened immune system, and large adenoids.

Diagnosing a Sinus Infection

When diagnosing a sinus infection, a doctor will ask about symptoms and do a physical exam. The doctor may use an endoscope to check the sinuses. For abnormally structured sinuses, X-rays or CT scans may provide a clearer view. The doctor will also take mucus cultures to rule out bacterial or fungal infections.

Treating a Sinus Infection

Treating a sinus infection may be as simple as taking over-the-counter medications. However, bacterial sinusitis entails antibiotics. Allergy-related sinusitis symptoms should be treated with antihistamines and other allergy medications.

Preventing a Sinus Infection

It is not always possible to prevent a sinus infection after a cold. However, it is essential to avoid allergens that can worsen the infection. Also, maintain good hygiene to help prevent colds and bacterial infections. Use a humidifier to maintain humidity levels, especially in a dry climate.

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