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Foreign Body Removal

foreign body​While foreign objects such as splinters can normally be addressed at home, foreign body removal can be a medical emergency. In some instances, you’ll need immediate care to remove the foreign object before it damages the surrounding tissue and causes complications. Also, emergency care might be necessary to open up airways and prevent a serious infection.

The ER-trained physicians at Legacy ER & Urgent Care can handle foreign body removal. Visit us if you are experiencing a medical emergency and need immediate help.

What Parts of the Body Are Vulnerable to Foreign Objects?

Adults and children can end up with foreign objects in their bodies that must be removed. These foreign objects can be located in/on the:

  • ​Airway
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Vagina
  • Anus
  • Ears

When to Go to the ER for Foreign Body Removal

You should go to the emergency room if removing the foreign object on your own can cause further damage or if your life is at risk due to the object. Visit the ER if the object is:

  • In your eye
  • Beyond your reach
  • Accompanied by an injury or trauma
  • Creating a choking hazard
  • Lodged deep in the skin, causing a wound

Parents should monitor children for these symptoms. It’s possible that children will hide the fact that they’ve swallowed or inserted a foreign object, so looking for signs is critical.

When to Call 911

If you are experiencing an immediate threat to your life, you should call 911 instead of driving to the emergency room. Call 911 if you cannot breathe, turn blue, or start choking due to the foreign object. You could pass out, so immediate help is necessary.

Wearing appropriate and well-maintained footwear and sports equipment helps avoid sprains.

Foreign Body Surgery

If necessary, you will undergo foreign body surgery to remove the object. Foreign objects in the throat, nose, and ear can often be removed with:

  • Forceps
  • Water irrigation
  • Suction catheter

However, if the object is inside of your body, you might require surgical intervention. The surgeon might perform endoscopic foreign body removal or open surgery. Once the foreign object is removed, you can expect a fast recovery from surgery.

If you or your child requires foreign body removal, don’t hesitate to visit Legacy ER & Urgent Care. Our physicians can use diagnostic tools to find the foreign object and then take the steps necessary to remove it. We can also address issues the foreign body caused, such as infection or tissue damage.