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Treating Pink Eye Infections - Frisco

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Has your eye gradually become itchy, red, and watering? You may be suffering from conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye. As a type of eye infection, pink eye is quite irritating, and unfortunately, it can be spread from person to person, making it infectious.

Taking care of pink eye with treatment options will help reduce irritations and prevent others from developing symptoms of the infection.

What is Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye Infection)?

A pink eye infection is the result of irritating bacteria or viruses. It can also develop from allergic reactions, foreign objects/substances, STIs, or a blocked tear duct. The conjunctiva becomes infected, resulting in the eye turning pink or red, itchy, and inflamed. The conjunctiva is the clear tissue that makes up the outer coating of your eyeball and the inner part of the eyelid.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, pink eye is the most common type of eye infection in the U.S., with anywhere from three to six million infections per year.

Pink Eye Infection Symptoms

The most noticeable and noteworthy symptom of pink eye is the changing of the sclera (white of the eye) from white to red or pink. While allergens can also cause the eye to turn a different shade, the difference between seasonal allergies and the pink eye is usually the discharge.

Typical symptoms of conjunctivitis include:

  • Pink or red eyes
  • A gritty feeling (like sand in the eyes)
  • Eye itchiness
  • An abnormal amount of tears
  • Thick discharge that builds up at night

How Are Pink Eye Infections Treated?

How your pink eye is treated may depend on the cause of the pink eye. For example, pink eye caused by allergies would need to be treated by controlling allergic reactions, while a bacterial pink eye infection requires antibiotics. Common treatments for conjunctivitis are:

Home Remedies

Utilizing a warm compress for pain and purchasing over-the-counter eye drops can help relieve your pink eye. You should also remove and dispose of contacts if you begin to experience pink eye symptoms.


Antibiotics are only effective for bacterial conjunctivitis, and they come in the form of drops or ointments.


To help prevent pink eye from spreading, it’s essential to remain hygienic to ensure the infection does not spread to the other eye or infect others.

Preventative treatment includes:

  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Not sharing any articles of clothing, including pillows
  • Change your pillowcases daily
  • Wear eyeglasses rather than contacts

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