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Emergency! 5 of the Most Common Issues Treated in Emergency Rooms - Legacy ER

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
Emergency! 5 of the Most Common Issues Treated in Emergency Rooms - Legacy ER
Whether for cuts, burns, or minor illnesses, we’ve all visited an emergency room at one point or another in our lifetime. But have you ever wondered why everyone else goes to seek our emergency services? If you had to guess the most common issues treated in the ER, it’s likely that you might be able to name a few. 

Fortunately, we know the top five issues treated in emergency rooms. Not only that, but we’ve listed them down below so you have this important information too. Keep reading ot learn more! 

Chest Pains

Chest pains by no means qualify under the minor illnesses category. In fact, they’re one of the symptoms that should never be ignored. If you’re experiencing chest pains, you should visit the ER or an urgent care clinic right away. 

Abdominal Pain

The key in treating abdominal pain is being able to tell what caused it in the first place. For example, someone should be able to tell the difference between menstrual cramping and appendicitis. But the truth is that more people would rather be safe than sorry, which results in a pretty high number of ER visits for abdominal pain. 


You’d think that a toothache would require a dentist more so than an ER doctor, but tooth pain still sends people racing to the emergency room. Unfortunately, tooth pain can happen any time, especially when dental offices are closed. This typically prompts people to seek out emergency medicine rather than their dentist. 

Sprains and Broken Bones

This is probably the first thing that came to your mind when you read “ER,” and for good reason. Out of the 110 million ER visits that occur annually, broken bones and sprains make up a hefty portion. 

Sinus and Upper Respiratory Issues

A severe cold or a sinus infection is usually cause to visit an urgent care center or the ER, and for good reason. These issues can be serious if left untreated, and can develop into other more serious problems. 

Whether it’s a broken bone or a cold, there’s no harm in seeking out emergency services or an urgent care clinic. The professionals working here may be able to help more than you think!