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3 Back Pain Red Flags That Should Send You to the Emergency Center - Legacy ER

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
3 Back Pain Red Flags That Should Send You to the Emergency Center - Legacy ER
There are many reasons that someone could be forced to visit one of America’s many emergency centers. Some of the more common reasons for visiting are injuries like deep cuts or concerning symptoms like severe chest pain. However, there are some symptoms you might not be aware of that warrant a trip to emergency services. One of these is lower back pain.

Lower back pain is something that many Americans have. And while it might not seem like back pain can warrant a trip to the emergency room, additional symptoms can make it necessary. Here are a few examples of times you should consider a trip to the emergency center if you have back pain:

  1. Pain That Moves To Legs:
    This can often be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or paralysis. If you are experiencing pain that is followed by any of these symptoms, go to one of your local emergency centers. These symptoms following a progressing, radiating, pain can mean damage to the nerves that leave the spinal cord at the base of your spine. If left alone for too long the pain could worsen. It is best to treat this immediately.
  2. Problems With Urination or Bowel Movements:
    If you are experiencing these symptoms, along with a numbness around your buttocks, you should visit an emergency center. This can be a sign of damage to the nerves in your tailbone region. This is a medical emergency and needs immediate attention.
  3. Unexplained Weight loss And Physical Weakness:
    If you are experiencing these symptoms alongside a pain that worsens are you lay down, you need to see a medical professional. This can be a sign of a tumor. It could be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Generally, this will come from a tumor that is on the spine, but it could have come from tumors that are located somewhere else and are spreading metastases. Early intervention is key in this instance.

There are approximately 110 million trips to the emergency room every year. If you are experiencing back pain that is accompanied by any of the symptoms above, it might be vital that you are one of them. A minor pain could be more severe than you initially thought.