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How to Stay Healthy Even Though the Cold Weather Is Coming: A Guide

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
How to Stay Healthy Even Though the Cold Weather Is Coming: A Guide
As much as we may not like it, the dog days of summer are over. We need to start preparing for the fall, and with it cold and flu season. But just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean our immune systems have to! There are plenty of ways to avoid getting the cold and flu this autumn, you just need to put them into practice. Here are our family medical center-approved tips for keeping the illnesses at bay.
  • Keep your hands away from your face
    We know this is easier said than done, but it’s crucial to practice this tip. You don’t want to promote the spread of germs, after all. Not only does this help with not transferring viruses and bacteria, you’ll cut down on the risk of itchy eyes and acne as well.
  • Be more aware of what you touch
    Just think of the multiple things you touch every day. They’re most likely covered with germs that can put your health at risk, so don’t be afraid to clean everything in sight. Some common things to sanitize include your desk, cell phone, computer, steering wheel, and gearshift in your car.
  • Go outside
    Take advantage of the nice weather while you can! Staying inside and staying in the same environment of stuffy air day after day will only increase your risk of catching an airborne virus. Plus, getting up to stretch your legs during the day will help you feel better almost instantly.
  • Stay hydrated
    A functioning immune system requires fluids to work properly, so drink up. Tea, water, and juices are all a great way to get the fluids your body desperately needs. Just stay away from caffeine because it dehydrates.

If you find yourself under the weather, the best option is to head to a family medical center. These urgent care clinics are removing the wait from ERs in hospitals, and you’ll most likely get in and out in no time. In fact, the average patient-per-hour ratio for urgent care physicians is 4.5 patients per hour, so you won’t have to wait long to be seen.

When you’re under the weather, the worst thing you can do is put your life on hold waiting for a doctor’s appointment. Come on in and you’ll feel better right away.