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Best Medical Options Available: Urgent Care and Emergency Room Hybrids

Best Medical Options Available: Urgent Care and Emergency Room Hybrids

Throughout the 2015 fiscal year, urgent medical services reported seeing an average of nearly 12,000 patients. That number amounts to an average of three patient care visits per hour or 32 visits each day. From chest pain and headaches to high fevers and complicated symptoms, urgent medical centers are essential for treating all kinds of medical concerns.

There is a common misconception when it comes to healthcare: that emergency rooms are much more viable options for health concerns than urgent care centers. That’s not true. Though emergency rooms are great and even essential for certain injuries, illnesses, and any life-threatening medical situations, they aren’t necessary for every single visit. In fact, only 3% of patients who come to an urgent care facility end up needing to be directed to an emergency department, according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

The benefit of hybrid urgent medical facilities, however, is that they can perform both urgent care services and emergency room services. Emergency centers typically offer more immediate health assistance, when urgent care services deal with issues that are still serious, but not as life-threatening or emergency-related. Keep in mind, however, a trip to an urgent care center can quickly turn much more serious and require ER treatment if the symptoms are concerning enough. For instance, though upper respiratory infections are one of the most common reasons for people to head to urgent care facilities, these problems can quickly spiral into much more serious and potentially life-threatening health concerns.

Because of all the complications that can arise within the medical industry, it’s best to visit these hybrid centers that specialize in both urgent medical services and emergency treatment. Be sure to never neglect any issue pertaining to your health and consult with an experienced doctor about what type of medical treatment you should be receiving.

Dealing with any health issue can be terrifying, but as long as you’re receiving the correct medical attention, you will be in good hands and will likely be back on your feet in no time. If you believe you’re in need of urgent medical services, visit LegacyER right away. Stay healthy out there!