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A Guide to Your Urgent Care Visit - Legacy ER

A Guide to Your Urgent Care Visit - Legacy ER

Knowing when to visit urgent care and what to expect from the process can be a challenge. Between emergency room visits, 24-hour emergency care, walk-in clinics, and more, sifting through which office to visit and when to do it can be a confusing process and, if you have a wound or ailment to address, there may be little time to waste researching options.

Well, here at Legacy, we are all about finding a convenient medical treatment for a variety of needs, which is why we combine all of these options into one hybrid model.

Learn more about one aspect of what we offer – urgent care – by reading below.

Defining Urgent Care

Urgent care typically falls in between an emergency that needs immediate attention and an ailment that could wait a few days before receiving further treatment. If you are experiencing pains that seem life-threatening, such as a laceration, breathing problems, or a head injury, then the emergency room is the place to go. Otherwise, most issues fall under the urgent care category.

If you need help, but cannot wait until your regular family doctor has availability, then urgent care offers a perfect solution for your needs.

What to Expect From Your Visit

So, you have made the choice for convenient medical treatment by visiting urgent care – great! Now, what can you expect from your visit? Well, the wait time should not be too extensive. In fact, the Urgent Care Association of America reported that 92% of these facilities averaged a wait time of 30 minutes or less through 2015.

After you are called back, you will be offered care by a medical doctor who has been trained in their field and can offer an accurate assessment of the issues you are facing. They can also prescribe any necessary medications or creams. If you are looking for convenient medical treatment in a comfortable and professional setting, then this is it.

We can Help With it All

The team at Legacy ER and Urgent Care is ready and eager to help you with every step of this process and, by combining ER and urgent care, we ensure you don’t get charged for services that you do not actually need or end up using. If you need medical attention, do not hesitate to visit one of our reliable locations today. We are eager to serve you soon.