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When Should You Visit a Convenient Care Center? - Legacy ER

When Should You Visit a Convenient Care Center? - Legacy ER

In 2016, the Urgent Care Association of America’s Benchmarking Report calculated that there were 7,357 urgent care centers in the United States. Since then, some urgent care centers have been developing a hybrid model that includes emergency room services. This takes the stress out of deciding where patients should go when they need convenient care. When should you seek urgent medical care, though?

Chest Pain

Chest pain should not be ignored. The Mayo Clinic recognizes two significant types of chest pain: heart-related and other types of chest pain. Heart-related chest pain is associated with a feeling of pressure and tightness in the chest. It might be a constant searing pain that extends outward to surrounding areas of the body. It can also intensify with increased activity. This pain might also be coupled with dizziness and shortness of breath. Other types of chest pain could include trouble swallowing, pain when pressure is applied, and varying degrees of pain when you shift body positions. It can be hard to decipher between the two so it is best to seek medical treatment regardless of what it might be.

Difficulty Breathing

Shortness of breath or the inability to breathe properly can be signs of underlying health problems. If you are unsure why you are struggling to breathe, seek convenient care immediately. It could be a reaction to an allergen that could worsen without treatment. It could be the result of sinusitis. If your breathing difficulties are accompanied by additional symptoms such as chest pain, you should seek out emergency care immediately.


Depending on how you landed, you may or may not have outward signs of injury. Swelling, bumps, and cuts are common results of falls, but there could be serious underlying injuries going on inside the body that would only be caught with imaging techniques. This is especially true of soft tissue damage or head injuries that might have occurred in the fall. Convenient care centers will have the necessary imaging procedures to detect internal issues.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you suspect you might be coming down with the flu, like strep throat, seeking treatment immediately can prevent it leading to secondary conditions that might require hospitalization. Even if you think it might just be the common cold, it is better to come in and figure out the best treatment plan to get you back on track. Common colds can easily develop into more serious conditions or be combined with sinus issues and ear infections.

The bottom line is if you’re unsure about what you are feeling, seek urgent care in Frisco TX for medical attention. There are convenient care centers that will put your mind at ease for any suspected medical problems that might arise.