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COVID-19 UPDATE: March 31st, From Jay Woody, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Legacy ER & Urgent Care

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
COVID-19 UPDATE: March 31st, From Jay Woody, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Legacy ER & Urgent Care

Dear Patients,

I want to provide you with another update as things continue to develop during this pandemic.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care is open for business and offers a clean, safe environment for you and your family for your continued healthcare needs. We have two separate care tracks for those seeking care at our facilities. To keep everyone safe and isolated from each other; we have one treatment area for cold and flu symptoms similar to COVID-19 and one for all other patients. We are also treating patients in their cars when possible.

Precautions we are taking :

  • We are following the most rigorous CDC/HD sanitation guidelines for cleaning times and types of cleaning materials used
  • Continuous disinfection wipe-downs of all high-touch areas like the registration area, patient chairs, equipment, etc.
  • Rapid identification of patients exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms and requiring that they wear a protective mask
  • Utilizing two separate care tracks to prevent the commingling of cold and flu symptoms from those with other ailments and injuries
  • Using drive-up capabilities and/or additional entrances and exits to avoid common areas for high-risk patients
  • All personnel with any cold or flu symptoms are required to stay home

Updates on Testing:

Nasopharyngeal swabs are still in short supply requiring providers across the state to only swab high-risk patients based on CDC criteria. We do however now have a new option available to those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 with productive coughs by sending off sputum samples. These sputum samples have a 6-day result time. Legacy ER & Urgent Care is working hard to acquire as many testing supplies as possible to meet the growing needs of our communities.

What to Do When You Arrive to Seek Medical Care:

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and need to seek medical care at our facilities please make sure to identify yourself to our care coordinators at the front door to make sure we are able to route you to the dedicated care team.

Remember to wash your hands practice proper social distancing and remain calm during this time of uncertainty; we’re here whenever you need us.

Thank you,

Jay Woody, MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer Legacy ER & Urgent Care