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Healthy Tips To Start The New Year Right

Healthy Tips To Start The New Year Right

Truthfully, the New Year’s resolutions we want to set as goals for ourselves can be achieved any time of the year. The new year is a great place to start fresh with lifestyle changes, new habits, and positive mindsets. It’s an opportunity to hit the refresh button by reassessing our health and prioritizing what matters most to us.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care Health Tips
While typical New Year’s resolutions revolve around more exercise and eating healthy, we thought we would compile a list with additional tips anyone can incorporate into their routine. While changing our eating habits and strengthening our bodies through exercise are great additions to our daily lives, we can utilize other healthy habits to prevent ourselves from getting injured or sick.

Here are 4 important health tips to start the new year off right:

1. Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful is about decompressing and finding ways to relax to reduce stress. Cortisol is a hormone within the body that can wreak havoc on our health. Taking time out of our day to exercise, read a book, watch a movie or TV show, or indulge in a creative outlet such as drawing or painting means we can spend less time stressed out and more time reducing the negative impact. Being aware and mindful is also helpful when we feel a little off and think that something might be wrong—whether we’re coming down with an illness or just not feeling the best. When we understand our bodies and listen to their signs, it’s easier to promptly decide whether you need medical care and whether you need to visit an ER & urgent care facility for treatment.


2. See The Doctor and Schedule Appointments

Regularly seeing your doctor and making appointments ahead of schedule is a preventative measure in taking care of your health. Even if you’re not sick, you can still get a checkup and determine whether you’re in full health or if there is an impending or underlying problem. Making schedules in advance ensures that you’re not just planning to take care of your health but that you’ve secured a time slot for yourself. The best part is that you can schedule it on your calendar and know when your appointments are up and coming, cancel or switch them around based on your availability. Scheduling last minute might run you into issues like waiting longer to see a physician or running the risk of falling ill without proper medical care. Fortunately, at ERUC, if you need emergency care, we’ve got you covered.

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3. Get More Sleep

Sleep plays a large role in our health because it’s how we recharge. When we don’t sleep because we reduce our sleep hours, suffer from sleep disorders, or disrupt our sleep cycles, we risk developing other medical conditions. Sleep affects the entire body; therefore, it can contribute to a lack of immunity, increase the risk of catching a cold or flu, increase weight, and lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

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4. Pick One New Healthy Habit At A Time

While following this list is a great place to start with ideas to incorporate new healthy habits, sometimes making significant changes is overwhelming. It might be best to start with one new routine at a time. One of the main reasons individuals lose sight of their goals is trying to do too many at once instead of focusing on a singular goal. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race, which means that when you want to change or add a new habit into your routine, choose one and make that a priority instead of making a list of many. Once you get the hang of your new habit, then you can start looking at the others and gradually shift to a new way of living and a new you.


Unfortunately, we all do get sick from time to time regardless of how careful we’re being. That’s why Legacy ER & Urgent Care is here to help you obtain the medical care you need in an emergency. By visiting Legacy ER & Urgent Care, you’ll not only save time but money receiving healthcare at the level of care you need and nothing more. You’ll also only be billed based on this level of care and nothing more. Visit one of your locations by finding the closest to you at Legacy ER & Urgent Care.