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What To Do About Chest Pains At Home - Legacy ER

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  • Written By: Jay Woody
What To Do About Chest Pains At Home - Legacy ER

Chest pains are serious business, and the first thing you are likely to think about is a heart attack. Chest pains are the reason a lot of people, of all ages, suddenly drop everything and rush to the emergency room. We know that more than 70% of emergency room visits involving patients with insurance are usually for non-emergency conditions. But when it comes to chest pains, most people don’t want to take any chances by waiting to see their primary care physician. In this post, we look more closely at chest pains and what you should do about them at home.

However, because heart problems can be so dangerous before we dive into our topic, please note that you need emergency healthcare services if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Your chest pains feel crushing, tight, squeezing, or intense
  2. If you suspect you are having a heart attack (or have a history of heart attacks)
  3. If you experience persistent shortness of breath alongside chest pains

Fortunately, most people with chest pains aren’t in danger of imminent cardiac arrest. There are many other health conditions that can cause pain in your chest.

Some common symptoms that accompany non-emergency chest pains include:

  1. Gas
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Heartburn
  4. Chest pains caused by a bad cough
  5. Chest pains caused by heavy smoking

You can use the following clues to help you determine if you should visit an emergency care center or not. If you can pinpoint the exact spot that hurts, you probably don’t need to visit an emergency medical physician. Likewise, if the pain gets worse when you take a deep breath or if breathing for a few seconds relieves the pain. In cases where the pain is related to moving a specific part of the chest wall, neck, or, shoulder, or if the pain lasts for only a few seconds, then you can probably skip the emergency room.

Telling the difference is not easy for a lot of people. If you are in doubt, visit the emergency room without delay. Home remedies for chest pains should only be used after a doctor’s diagnosis when they have determined that your life is not in danger.

What To Do About Chest Pains At Home

If you are wondering what to do about chest pain of the non-emergency variety, there are some home remedies that may help.

Some popular options for treating chest pains at home include:

  1. Drink almond milk: If you are wondering what to do about chest pains, this is one of the best options available at home. This is best if acid reflux is the cause of your chest pains. Some research indicates that eating almonds can help with the prevention of heart disease and chest pains. Almonds will not stop the immediate pain, but they will have a positive impact on overall heart health.
  2. Take hot drinks: If your chest pains are due to gas and bloating, there is no need to seek medical emergency and urgent care services. Instead, you should try hot drinks such as hibiscus tea, which is known to help with a bloated stomach. Hibiscus also helps to lower blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol, which keeps your heart healthy and prevents heart conditions.
  3. Eat some garlic: Garlic is said to have benefits that can help reduce chest pains. Although there is no scientific backing for these claims, people everywhere have sworn the positive effects they have felt when they chewed a clove of garlic. What research has proven, however, is that garlic is beneficial in reversing heart disease and reducing the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This keeps your heart healthy and strong. If you are wondering what to do about chest pains, this could be your home remedy as garlic is readily available. So, if an emergency medicine physician confirms you aren’t in danger of cardiac arrest, you can mix garlic with some milk or chew a few cloves.
  4. Apple cider vinegar: Some people get acid reflux because they don’t produce enough acid in their stomachs. If you are one of these people, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and increase the acid levels in your stomach. This will relieve many bouts of chest pains. Although there is little scientific research on this topic, many people swear that apple cider vinegar works wonders. Use this method with caution as apple cider vinegar may thin your blood if used wrongly.

The remedies we have given you in this article are not only best for relieving chest pains but also great for keeping your heart healthy. Of course, these treatments should never take the place of regular heart health checkups or visits to your primary care physician.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care Has Several Locations

Legacy ER & Urgent Care is here to meet your medical care needs by providing affordable pricing and quality care. As part of Intuitive Health’s innovative hybrid model ER and urgent care system, patients are only billed for the level of care they receive from professional and highly trained medical staff. With a total of six centers located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, emergent and non-emergent care are accessible and transparent, focusing on superb customer service.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care has six convenient locations in the DFW area:

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