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Should I Go to the ER if I Think I Have Blood Clots?

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Should I Go to the ER if I Think I Have Blood Clots?

According to the CDC, around 900,000 people suffer from blood clots, and 100,000 people die in America each year. The good news is the condition can be treated and prevented. However, to get the treatment you need when suffering from a blood clot, you must know their causes and when to visit an ER.

What Are Blood Clots?

Blood clots occur when a clump of your blood converts to a gel-like state. The blood can clot when blood vessels are damaged or if blood isn’t flowing properly. This is because the platelets in the blood are more likely to stick together, causing a blockage. Clotting is a natural reaction of the body to protect damaged areas and prevent further bleeding, but sometimes the clot grows rather than dissolving on its own.

When to Visit the Emergency Room for Blood Clots

Blood clots can cause damage and be extremely dangerous after detaching from the vessel they were healing. The clot can travel or form in parts of the body such as the legs, arms, lungs, brain or heart.

In many cases, it can be hard to determine if someone has a blood clot unless it’s discovered in a medical setting, but there are signs and symptoms to look for when deciding if it’s time to seek medical attention. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it may be time to visit an ER:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sharp chest pain
  • Back pain
  • Coughing with or without blood
  • Sweating
  • Fast heartbeat

Preventing and Treating Blood Clots

Making lifestyle changes that positively impact your health can help reduce and prevent blood clots from forming. For example, by staying active, knowing if you are at risk, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, there is ample opportunity to reduce the chances of a blood clot from occurring.

If you fear you’ve developed a clot, catching it in time will give you better success at treating it. Talk with your doctor and share your concerns if you feel you have a blood clot. They’ll be able to run tests and determine the best course of action for treatment.

Some treatments for blood clots include:

  • Anticoagulant medications – these medications are given to people at high risk for clots to help prevent their blood from clotting or reduce current clots from getting bigger.
  • Compression stockings – compression stockings are mainly used for deep vein thrombosis because they help guide blood safely out of the legs back up to the heart.
  • Thrombolytics – these medicines help dissolve already formed blood clots.
  • Surgical thrombectomy – sometimes surgery is used to remove blood clots

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