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4 Common Causes of Severe Abdominal Pain

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
4 Common Causes of Severe Abdominal Pain

​Every year, there are approximately 110 million visits to the emergency room. Many of these emergency room or urgent care situations are due to abdominal pain causes, resulting in severe pain that requires emergency care. If you’re experiencing any severe pain, you should consult a medical professional working for emergency services today, but here are a few things to keep in mind relating to serious abdominal pain.

Stomach Flu

One of the most common abdominal pain causes is the stomach flu. This is caused by many different types of viruses and usually lasts for two or three days. If your flu symptoms last for longer than three days or the pain begins to reach severely uncomfortable levels, it’s time to get professional help. Seek out a hybrid medical center that provides both emergency room and urgent care services.

Food Poisoning

Another common cause of abdominal pain is issues with food poisoning. This occurs when you have consumed unhealthy foods that were contaminated with viruses, parasites, and/or bacteria. Although food poisoning symptoms are more uncomfortable than anything and rarely severe, there is still a chance that the food poisoning has caused enough damage that you will need immediate medical attention. If you feel anything worse than minor sickness for a day or two you should consult with your doctor or an experienced medical professional.

Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused by bacteria buildup and can take place in any area of the urinary tract. These symptoms can often become more and more painful, including fever, nausea, shivering, and stiff upper back. Again, if you’ve experiencing severe pain, trouble with urinating, or a severe fever caused by abdominal pain, seek medical attention.

Menstrual Cramps

For women, one of the most common abdominal pain causes is a result of muscle contractions during menstruation. During menstruation, the body sheds the lining of the uterus and can often cause painful contractions as the body pushes the uterine lining out. If you experience cramping that is immobilizing or causes nausea, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Other causes of severe abdominal pain that require immediate medical care are appendicitis, serious acid reflux, dangerous response to food allergies, inflammation of the gallbladder, and stomach ulcers.

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