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Why Are People Seeking Out More Alternative Forms of Healthcare These Days? - Legacy ER

Why Are People Seeking Out More Alternative Forms of Healthcare These Days? - Legacy ER

You have probably seen that most major markets and industries are undergoing some sort of monumental shift. Due to changes in technology and the economy, consumers have more options than ever before. Of course, the healthcare industry is no exception to these larger market shifts. But why exactly are so many people seeking out alternative forms of healthcare these days? Here are just a few possible explanations for the change, and how you can take advantage to make life simpler and more convenient.

Hybrid Healthcare Centers Offer Multiple Services Under One Roof

It used to be that different medical issues required separate trips to offices and physicians. Sometimes this process can be quite time consuming and lead to frustration and lots of appointments. For this reason, the rise of convenient care centers that allow patients to access both an emergency room and the services of a primary care physician are becoming more and more prevalent. In turn, this has lead to an increase in consumer control over their healthcare. Having access to multiple services under one roof not only makes things more convenient, but it can also offer patients a peace of mind that is tough to find with more traditional healthcare options.

Many people make the false assumption that these kinds of convenient care centers must sacrifice quality in favor of speed. However, this is simply not the case. Of course it’s always a good idea to shop around and explore your options before committing to any one style of healthcare or healthcare center, but by and large, most hybrid centers offer an impressive level of care. Many people also find this far more convenient because, as you may have experienced, sometimes getting an appointment with your primary care physician can be quite a troublesome task. Convenient care centers and telemedicine represent some of the possible future paths that the healthcare industry may take.

Convenient Care and Telemedicine Is Gaining Traction Among Families

The advent of more convenient care centers and consumer-centered healthcare options such as telemedicine have seen a major rise in popularity among families of all kinds. What is the cause of this shift in traditional healthcare services? For one, telemedicine allows families to save valuable time by diagnosing and treating common issues through a webchat. This is an excellent option for people who have packed, busy schedules, or may otherwise find it difficult to travel over to a doctor’s office every time a symptom presents itself.

Consumers Have Greater Control Over Their Healthcare Options

According to research data sourced from the Urgent Care Association of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report, there are 7,357 urgent care centers in the United States. This marks an increase from 2015’s count of 6,707. When you consider the increase in such emergency centers, combined with the rise in popularity of technological innovations such as telemedicine, it’s clear that consumers have more control over their healthcare in today’s world. Your family’s healthcare is no different.

With more technology and convenience than ever before, it’s important to take control of your family’s health. Using the internet to educate yourself about healthy habits is a great starting point, but of course, some conditions and medical issues require the attention of professionals. In such a case, it’s a wise idea to explore your options and remain steadfast in seeking out the type of care that you know you and your family deserve. The industry itself is responding to changes in consumer behavior.

When you choose Legacy ER, you’re making the best choice you can for the health of you and your family alike. Whether you’re interested in making use of the latest technologies through telemedicine, or if you’re just looking to make your emergency room visits go a little bit smoother, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. With a staff full of experienced medical professionals and state of the art medical facilities, we would love to help you make your healthcare that much simpler and more effective.