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5 More Common Reasons for Wintertime Urgent Care Visits - Legacy ER

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
5 More Common Reasons for Wintertime Urgent Care Visits - Legacy ER
Wintertime is prime season for colds, sore throats, and other ailments. Not surprisingly, urgent care visits tend to spike during this time of year. These illnesses can strike at inconvenient times when doctors’ offices may be closed, so it’s fortunate that 97% of all urgent care centers are open seven days a week for at least four hours a day. If you or your child comes down with a fever or other minor injuries and illnesses this season, our facility for urgent care in Frisco TX offers skillful, convenient, and affordable care for any number of ailments. But some conditions are more common than others during this time of year. While we talked about a few reasons children visit the emergency room and urgent care in winter, here are five more common reasons for wintertime urgent care visits:
  • Influenza
    The flu is a common complaint throughout the country and can be quite debilitating. You should get your flu shot as a preventative measure. However, if you do come down with the flu, it’s important to seek treatment at your local urgent care clinic. If caught quickly, flu treatments like Tamiflu are available; medications like these help reduce the severity and length of your flu symptoms. But if you don’t realize you’ve come down with the flu until it’s too late for these medications, you should come into our facility if you have a high fever, respiratory issues, or are in severe pain.
  • Slips and falls
    We may not get much snow here in Texas, but slips and falls can still happen. The likelihood of precipitation — even the non-frozen variety — increases the risk that someone might take a tumble and hurt themselves. And because it gets darker much earlier during this time of year, there’s a greater likelihood that you could trip if you can’t see well enough. Whether you’ve sprained an ankle or need stitches, our clinic staff for urgent care in Frisco TX can help.
  • Fevers
    High fevers can be scary, especially in children. You may not know exactly what’s causing this condition. While fevers are often an indication that your immune system is doing its job, you’ll likely still want to head to urgent care to make sure nothing serious is wrong. Infections are more common at this time of year, and cold conditions can make a sick child feel worse. Even if it’s just a cold, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sports injuries
    When school is in session, sports injuries are common — even during winter. Although we don’t have much skiing or snowboarding in the state of Texas, sports injuries still occur. Broken bones and muscle strains can happen at any time of year, but bad weather can make them worse or can make them more difficult to deal with. If you’ve sustained an injury while playing a sport, you don’t want to ignore it.
  • Coughs
    Coughs are commonplace due to all the illnesses that circulate during this time of year. They can also be a nuisance, especially if they linger for a lengthy period of time. Usually, these don’t signal a serious issue, but in some cases, they could be a sign of bronchitis or pneumonia. Staff at our urgent care facility will be able to discern whether there’s cause for concern by listening to the lungs with a stethoscope or taking x-rays, if necessary.

If you or your child is in need of fast, affordable treatment this winter, come in for urgent care in Frisco TX. To find out more about the illnesses and injuries we treat, contact us today.