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Spring Safety: Quick Tips to Help You Prevent Spring Sports Injuries - Legacy ER

Spring Safety: Quick Tips to Help You Prevent Spring Sports Injuries - Legacy ER

Spring hasn’t officially sprung yet, but that doesn’t mean your child isn’t preparing for spring sports season. And with a new sports season comes new opportunities for sports injuries.

If you want your child to stay safe and unharmed during the spring sports rush, it’s important to start practicing safety early on. Here are some simple, quick tips to help you and your child prepare for the upcoming season and prevent injury.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals differ slightly from annual physicals in that they target areas in the body that are specific to performance in a certain sport. For example, a cross country runner should focus heavily on the health of their heart and their legs, so a sports physical will look at some of those basic features in a more specific way. This is an incredibly important part of spring sports preparation that shouldn’t be ignored.

Daily Stretching

Flexibility might seem like the goal of stretching, but that’s not always the case. In many cases, stretching is an important way to help loosen up the muscles and warm them up so they’re not immediately thrown into intense physical activity. Stretching can actually help prevent pulled muscles and muscle tears, as well as several other sports injuries.

Ease into Training

One of the best ways to avoid emergency services is to ease into training. Minor injuries and illnesses can usually be avoided when you take the time to practice self care and moderation, and the same goes for sports.

Seek Appropriate Medical Care

If your child has suffered from a sports injury in the past and you sought out the best urgent care services around, make sure you follow the doctor’s advice in order to prevent the same injury in the future. Just like you can learn from past cuts and trips to the emergency room, you can learn from past sports injuries.

If your child has any minor injuries at all, don’t hesitate to contact the best urgent care clinics near you. It’s extremely important to know exactly what to do in the face of an injury. Remember: nearly all urgent care centers operate seven days a week!