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3 Most Important Qualities to Have in a Doctor - Legacy ER

3 Most Important Qualities to Have in a Doctor - Legacy ER
Being a doctor is definitely not an easy job, but doctors are an absolutely necessary aspect of life for virtually everyone. When you’re looking for a doctor you can trust and count on to advocate for your health, there are a few qualities that are especially important for any good doctor to have. Whether you’re going in for a routine checkup or emergency healthcare services, here are the three most important qualities you should look for in your doctor.
  • Good listener:
    If your doctor won’t listen to a word you say, they’re probably an incompetent doctor. Any reputable doctor should take the time to listen to your full story, no matter how long or detailed it is. If you have itchy eyes, a fever, lacerations, minor burns or back pain, or any urgent medical needs, it’s important for you to feel comfortable discussing it with your doctor. You want to be able to convey your signs and symptoms to your doctor — otherwise, there’s little to no hope for recovery. If your doctor seems dismissive or gives a preemptive diagnosis, there’s a good chance they’re not fully hearing you out. When you’re explaining your situation to your doctor, check their body language. They should look fully engaged, making eye contact and perhaps nodding to signal their understanding. They should also ask you plenty of follow-up questions. If your doctor is looking off into the distance or seems uninterested or aloof during your consultation, it may be time to invest in a doctor who cares more about your well-being.
  • Empathetic:
    The importance of having an empathetic doctor cannot be underestimated. It’s absolutely critical for your doctor to be able to put themselves in your shoes and imagine how you’re feeling. This not only helps them decide on a route for treatment, but it also gives you a level of peace of mind that you don’t get from uncaring doctors. If you feel like your doctor sees you as just another faceless patient as opposed to a real, live human being with thoughts and feelings, it’s definitely time to ditch the doctor and find one who genuinely cares.
  • Competent:
    Being a competent doctor requires more than a passing grade in medical school. Competent doctors always have a plan of action. Everything they do is deliberate and purposeful. You should be able to walk in to your doctor’s office, tell them your story and your symptoms, and walk out with a plan of action and a sense of accomplishment.

Ultimately, finding a good doctor takes time, whether you’re having routine testing or in need of emergency healthcare services. If you’re still struggling to find the right doctor, you should consider Urgent Care. There are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, and the number is growing. Urgent Care professionals have developed Urgent Care Medicine into an important, recognized specialty that represents this fast-growing medical field. For more information on emergency healthcare services, contact LegacyER.