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A Few Important Things to Do After Any Type of Burn - Legacy ER

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  • Written By: Alex Murray
A Few Important Things to Do After Any Type of Burn - Legacy ER
Burns are no joke, and if you sustain one you need to know to what degree you’ve been burned and how to proceed with treatment. Should you treat it at home? Does it require a visit to the ER or the best urgent care services in your area? Keep reading to learn what kind of action to take after sustaining a burn of any degree. 

First Degree Burns

These burns are considered fairly mild and usually only result in mild pain and redness in the skin. If you sustain a first degree burn from touching a hot plate or something along those lines, it’s possible to treat it at home. 

Burns of this degree should be treated with the same care as any other minor injuries and illnesses. First, run cool water over the affected area. Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, check to make sure the burn is minor. If you can confirm that it is a minor burn, simply wash it gently with soap and water and place a bandage over it. 

Second Degree Burns

Second degree burns typically affect several layers of skin, blister, and swell. If the burn only affects a small area, treatment at home is possible. However, you should be wary of these burns, as they can cause skin damage if not treated properly. 

A second degree burn is considered major if it is larger than three inches in diameter. In this case, you should make a point to seek out the best urgent care services in your area. If it is minor, you should follow the same process for first degree burns, but dressings should include antibiotic ointment and be changed regularly. 

Third Degree Burns

If you sustain a burn of this degree, skin will appear either white or black and charred. Burns of this degree constitute urgent medical needs and should be treated by emergency services as soon as possible. 

Any burns to the face, hands, feet, wrists, hips, or groin should be treated by a medical professional immediately, as these areas are more sensitive and have thinner skin covering them. 

Fortunately, burn treatment is readily available. Nearly 20,000 physicians currently practice urgent care medicine, which means your injuries will always be in capable hands.