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Why You No Longer Have to Choose Between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room

Why You No Longer Have to Choose Between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room

​Before speedy access to technology became a regular thing and people couldn’t internet search their symptoms, most afflictions warranted a trip to the doctor’s office. With many easily curable diseases and ailments that could at one point kill you without proper medical care, precautions were much higher in previous years. However, in the 1970s an industry revelation in the world of medicine made it possible to make those doctor’s visit easier. Urgent care was created, which allowed people to walk-in to receive treatment for minor afflictions without the need for an appointment with their primary care physician.

Urgent cares quickly became popular within the United States and soon had locations across the nation. The centers grew in popularity as did the need for locations that are open seven days a week as well as 24 hour urgent care locations. Now you can find an urgent care almost anywhere as they continue to offer more services and treat a wider variety of afflictions. Although, today’s market for urgent cares is splintered and most operators own less than three clinics without a dominant market presence, according to HealthCare Appraisers. So while you might see a new urgent care pop up, chances are it isn’t part of a larger entity.

However, many people are hesitant when it comes to using a walk in clinic because they aren’t sure what types of injuries and illnesses justify a visit. The dilemma for many wasn’t so much whether or not to go to an urgent care or a doctors office, but rather whether or not go to an urgent care or emergency room.

Emergency rooms were thought of primarily for uses that constitute emergencies, meaning injuries and diseases that would kill you or cause severe medical hardships if not treated right away. If you broke your arm when you were younger, you most likely went to an ER. However, nowadays if you break your arm you can visit an urgent care and get it treated as quickly and conveniently as you would at the emergency room.

Still, people aren’t sure whether they should go to the ER or an urgent care. The good news is that depending on where you’re located, you might not have to choose.

Certain urgent care locations are incorporating an emergency clinic to their treatment abilities as well. Clinics such as Legacy ER, located in Texas, are offering both services within the same building, making it easier for you to receive the necessary care without the hassle.

So if you need for convenient care in the Texas area, find one of the nearest Legacy urgent care locations near you.