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Why Are Urgent Care Facilities So Popular In The Digital Age? - Legacy ER

Why Are Urgent Care Facilities So Popular In The Digital Age? - Legacy ER

​In 2018, most of us want solutions that are quick and easy. From lightning-fast internet to the prepared foods section at our local supermarket, we aren’t willing to wait or hunt for answers. That’s part of the reason why urgent care facilities have become so popular in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at why more people are opting to go to urgent care instead of their physician’s office or the local hospital these days.

Convenience and cost matter more than ever

When you discuss the benefits of walk in clinics, the potential for convenient care has to top the list. Urgent care centers are often located in areas that are closer than the nearest hospital, making it easier than ever to access medical care. In addition, the fact that walk in clinics have extended hours of operation (some offer urgent care 24 hours a day!) is extremely appealing to students, working professionals, and families. When you can choose between trying to secure an appointment with your doctor, waiting hours in the ER, or seeing a physician quickly without calling ahead, there’s really no contest. Plus, urgent care centers are typically very transparent about their costs, and those costs are generally much less than a patient would pay during emergency room visits. No one wants to go out of their way to receive care, nor do they want to pay extravagant costs for treatment. With urgent care, you don’t have to sacrifice on either end.

Shorter wait times = faster care

In a society that thrives on the immediate, walk in clinics fit the bill perfectly. The simple fact that there are more urgent care locations in one area and longer hours of operation equates to less waiting. When there are only a couple of hospital options in your city, the wait times there will be much longer and the cases will range from simple colds to life-threatening emergencies. Although you might assume that an ER would provide rapid treatment to all, the reality is that in situations that aren’t true emergencies, you’ll likely be forced to wait for hours until you’re seen. No one has that kind of time to waste. Most people want an “in and out” solution that allows them to get better as quickly as possible. Fortunately, 60% of all urgent care centers have wait times of less than 15 minutes to see a physician. When you’re in a rush or simply don’t have the luxury of waiting around, urgent care may be your best bet for fast, high-quality care.

Urgent care centers are often more innovative

Not only do these clinics provide convenient care, but many patients find that the treatment options are more cutting-edge than what they’ll find at their doctor’s office. From alternative medicine to brand new technology, urgent care centers often lead the way. While hospitals and physicians’ offices may have to wait months or years before they can approve technological advancements or utilize holistic health approaches, walk in facilities often implement these innovative methods much more quickly. That gives patients the chance to benefit from useful solutions they might not otherwise find and improves their care experience overall.

Clinics are a one-stop-shop

When you have multiple family members with ailments or you’ve simply had a string of bad luck with your health, no one wants to run around to see multiple doctors during a short period of time. Your local walk in clinic provides convenient care for a wide variety of non-life-threatening conditions, from fevers and the flu to sprained ankles and minor wounds. Whether you need an X-ray, a sports physical, or allergy diagnosis and treatment, you don’t need to spend the entire day driving to appointments. You can simply go to your local urgent care center to take care of everything.

In the coming years, there’s no doubt urgent care will become even more popular. With an increased emphasis on convenient care, low costs, and fast treatment, it’s no wonder that urgent care facilities are becoming the go-to for countless, busy Americans.