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Common And Completely Avoidable Summertime Maladies - Legacy ER

Common And Completely Avoidable Summertime Maladies - Legacy ER

Summertime and avoidable medical emergency often go hand-in-hand. That’s not to say that it’s a dangerous season, but rather it’s an excitable season that gets energy flowing after the sleepiness of winter and the rainy emergence of spring.

Grills are lit, people are lit, and so many outdoor activities are in full swing. People are bound to get injured doing something. In fact, 70% of Emergency Room visits are for either non-emergency or completely preventable conditions. It’s tough to list all of them and there are always outliers, but we’ve seen an avoidable, yet common consortium of conditions that cling to the summer solstice.


Heat and sun-related illness peaks during these months. It may seem obvious that these occur when it’s hottest outside, yet people still neglect sunblock, hydration, and rest. More emergency healthcare services and urgent care clinics have patients who’ve fainted, are having breathing difficulties, chest pains, etc. all related to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Your body is strong, but the sun is much stronger. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and don’t overdo it out there.


It’s grilling season and a popular medical emergency is foodborne illness. We don’t wish this upon anyone, but it happens all too often during the summer. Between clam bakes, seared steaks, and crab cakes, make sure your food is cooked to the proper temperature. This will separate a superb sunbaked culinary experience from, well, at least a couple days that’ll leave you gastrointestinally aghast.

Rogue breaks, sprains, and fractures

It’s hot outside and we’re going to relive our glory days on the softball diamond. Add a few beers and the fact that you might’ve not played sports in a few years and you’ve got the recipe for another popular medical emergency. More common in adults than in children (though, youngsters definitely get their fair share), breaks, sprains, and the like are a plague of the summer months. Weather calling for intensive physical strain sees peaks in these types of injuries. Being physically active is great, but know your limits, keep yourself out of a cast, and you won’t go limping into autumn.

We want everyone to eat, play, and be merry during the summer months. We also want to keep you from needing medical attention, so be mindful about avoiding unnecessary injuries. Now go enjoy so fun in the sun.