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How a Combination of Urgent Care and an Emergency Room can Benefit You - Legacy ER

How a Combination of Urgent Care and an Emergency Room can Benefit You - Legacy ER

For those who have not gone to one before, a 24-hour urgent care location can be very beneficial to someone who has gotten sick or hurt outside of normal clinical hours. In 2016, more than one-quarter of U.S. patients had gone to an urgent care center. They are brilliant for getting checked on by a professional when the ailment seems not severe enough for a trip to the emergency room but needs to be observed regardless. Not everywhere has clinical sites like Legacy Urgent Care in McKinney TX. Our 24-hour emergency care center also doubles as a 24-hour walk-in clinic, which treats injury and illness. When unable to decide if your sickness or injury is serious enough to go to the emergency room, a facility like this takes the indecision away. No more emergency room vs. urgent care debates.

In the end, the severity of your ailment is going to be the main difference between needing to make an emergency room visit or seeking the help of convenient care. Are you having breathing difficulties? Stop by the urgent care in McKinney TX and they can decide which wing you need to visit. Maybe you are dealing with chest pains and are starting to get worried. You are not alone. According to the Beaumont Emergency Center, “Cardiac arrest situations are common in the ER, and although chest pain visits are declining in recent years, still nearly half a million people die each year due to heart complications.” Convenience takes on a whole new meaning when both sides of the business can adequately help you.

Legacy Urgent Care in McKinney TX takes you asking yourself “Should I go to urgent care?” out of the equation. No more worrying about what to do about headaches. Have back pain or muscle strains from playing sports or lifting? Take advantage of the short wait times and the savings gained from visiting an urgent care facility. What if you have a nasty cut from an accident with a knife or glass? If you prefer to seek urgent care they can take care of you or you have the flexibility to see the emergency room. Being referred to the emergency room side is quick and effective. It is convenient to care for you.

One of the most common reasons people go to visit the emergency room is for headaches. Some people might think that is a foolish reason to seek emergency help, but in some cases, it is needed. They are the most common ailments among people and it stands to reason that headaches are the most common reason for a person to visit the emergency room. Popping a couple of ibuprofen and waiting for the pain to go away is not always the end result for people with headaches. In cases like this, it might be best to seek help for the pain that refuses to go away. People live very stressful lives and headaches are known to pop up from added stress. Going to Legacy Urgent Care in McKinney TX helps minimize any extra stress while ensuring you get the help and service you need.

Convenient care is just a step away from urgent or emergency care. They are open at all times so any ailment can be taken care of. Whether the need is for pediatric care, cuts, fever, etc., convenient care will be available for all of your emergencies, as well as minor illnesses and injuries.