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Is Pediatric Urgent Care Safe For Your Child? What You Should Know - Legacy ER

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You never know when your little one will need medical attention, and sometimes, sickness or injury can strike so abruptly that you don’t have time to get to the ER. That’s when a pediatric urgent care center comes in handy. In 2016, the Urgent Care Association of America stated that 2015, people visited urgent care most because of acute upper respiratory infections, acute pharyngitis, coughs, acute sinusitis, and acute bronchitis. If you are not sure if a pediatric urgent care center is right for your little one, here is everything you need to know about them.

What Is A Pediatric Urgent Center?

An urgent care center for kids is a walk-in, no-appointment health facility where your child can get treatment for acute illnesses and injuries that are life-threatening and beyond your scope. These facilities are stocked with physicians, have X-rays available on-site, and have lab equipment to run tests. They are also allowed to perform minor procedures, including bone casts and suturing.

The range of service available in pediatric emergency care will vary from clinic to clinic as will the number of staff available on site. They offer an alternative to ERs and physicians, which may have limited access during the weekends and at night.

What Conditions Can Be Treated In A Pediatric Urgent Care Center?

Your child can develop a fever at any moment. Fevers are the first sign that something is not right, and your little one needs medical attention. They could be having a cold or cough, an asthma attack, influenza, and sore throat, a stomach ache, a urinary tract infection, or diarrhea. You could also visit a pediatric urgent care in Frisco if your kid has a muscle strain injury, their allergies have shot up, have minor burns, and get sprains and fractures. A rash, nausea, minor head injury, vomiting, pink eye, and ear infection could also send you running to the pediatric urgent care center. You should also see a physician as soon as possible if your child has bruises and mono.

What Are The Advantages Of Pediatric Urgent Care?

Pediatric after-hours care has a child-friendly environment, so your child is comfortable as they receive treatment. The professionals you find on board are likely to be pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and other professionals who deal solely with kids. This makes it easier for your little one to interact and get specialized care.

These children’s walk-in clinics are also reliable because a pediatrician is available at all times to attend to your little one, unlike in an emergency room where a doctor may be available only during working hours. Also, these centers help maintain a complete record of your little one’s health, which is essential. Other doctors will be able to see their health history, which will help them diagnose and prescribe.

A visit to the emergency room could send your finances skyrocketing higher than you would have expected. Urgent care, on the other hand, may cost you around $150, which is a massive leap from what it would have cost you had you gone to the ER. When you need quick care for your little one, an urgent care clinic will offer you the best option in care and economics.

Pediatrics understands the effects certain drugs have on your little one. When you visit a child's urgent care center, you are sure the medication issued will not have adverse effects on your child, especially on their developing brain. This is because most child urgent care hospitals have pediatricians on site who are specialized in childcare. Instead of buying medication over the counter, it is best to visit an urgent care clinic where you are certain your child will receive the right medication and dosage for their age.

You will also notice that these facilities are fitted with smaller equipment designed especially for kids’ treatment. These include temperature probes, blood pressure cuffs, and scales. Every parent wants to be sure that their little one is getting the best care when they visit a health facility. Visit a pediatric urgent care center to receive specialized care for your baby.