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Why Are Emergency Care Centers So Important? - Legacy ER

Why Are Emergency Care Centers So Important? - Legacy ER

We cannot control sudden illnesses or accidents. However, we can choose where we go to seek medical attention. Most of the time, we often aren’t sure whether to seek urgent care or emergency care. When you are in extreme pain, you need effective treatment in the shortest time possible.

Why Visit an Emergency Care Center?

Instead of killing precious time wondering where to seek medical care, why not rush to a medical center that has both ER and urgent care? Emergency care centers offer effective treatment for both emergency medical situations and minor injuries. As such, your medical issues can be attended to with effective treatment in no time. The idea to combine er and urgent care is a genius idea that has saved hundreds of lives in Texas and other states. This visionary idea has since been christened, convenient care.

Convenient Treatment

Emergency medical services can save your life or prevent permanent damage to your organs. It is never a good idea to second guess the seriousness of your illness. Again, you want to rush to a medical clinic that will not keep you waiting for long. Some people rush to the ER for minor injuries and illnesses, only to be kept waiting as other patients with life-threatening conditions are prioritized. With convenient care like the one offered at emergency care centers, you will receive immediate medical treatment if you walk in with a cold or when delivered by an ambulance while in critical condition.

A 2016 Benchmarking Report, conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America, established that 92% of urgent care centers had a waiting time of 30 minutes or less in the year 2015. The good news is that conventional medical treatment has improved the waiting time such that patients can see a doctor almost immediately.

Reliable Emergency Care

If you come in with slight abdominal or chest pains at an emergency care center, and it turns out to be a more severe life-threatening condition, you will not be referred to another health facility. When your conditions escalate, you receive emergency care services in the same facility. This is the beauty of convenient care as it is more reliable. Patients have the peace of mind that they are in the most capable hands, should their illness get worse. It also reduces the waiting time as a patient with a cold will see the doctor as fast as the patient with a deep wound. Additionally, more lives are saved as there is no need to transfer patients to an ER as it is available alongside urgent care.

Accurate Medical Bills

Emergency care is typically expensive, especially when it involves surgery and specialized medical attention. However, a large number of people who rush to the ER do not need emergency care. Nonetheless, they end up getting billed using higher ER rates. Convenient care gives a solution to end such cases. Having ER and urgent care under one roof like it is at an emergency care center, enables a patient to be billed using the appropriate rates.

At an emergency care center, you have confidence that your medical emergency will be attended to without further delays. You do not have to worry if you need urgent care or emergency care – you will get the best of both.