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Why Do So Many Patients Choose to Visit Urgent Care Centers? - Legacy ER

Why Do So Many Patients Choose to Visit Urgent Care Centers? - Legacy ER

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, develop, and evolve, patients will continue to have more control over their healthcare than ever before. So why is it that so many people are choosing to visit urgent care and emergency centers these days? Due to various factors, patients are realizing that these kinds of medical centers have a set of advantages over the traditional doctor’s office visit. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose to visit an urgent care center.

Affordable Healthcare and Transparent Pricing

We’ve all been there. We have a medical condition that we need to be addressed by a qualified medical professional, but we’re not sure we have the funds to make it happen. Furthermore, we’re just not sure how much the procedure might cost, or what kinds of testing may need to be done, either. If you’ve ever found yourself worried about the cost of your healthcare, then choosing urgent care or emergency center may be just the choice for you.

When you know how much you can expect to pay for effective treatments and medical attention, it can help to relieve a lot of your pressure as a patient. Most people have to deal with the stress of uncertainty when visiting an emergency center or medical facility, which only makes things worse especially when you are already in the midst of some sort of medical emergency. Urgent care centers help to ease this load by offering several affordable services and transparency in their pricing. Further, many health insurance policies have clear, specific guidelines on how they handle visits to an emergency center. Looking over these before your first visit can help to give you even more confidence in the financial aspects of any visits you make.

Decreased Wait Times

Time is money, as the saying goes. When it comes to being treated for your symptoms, waiting can feel even more torturous than usual. In fact, there’s just about nothing worse than feeling sick and finding yourself at the end of a long waitlist just to see your doctor or primary care physician. For this reason, many people choose to visit an urgent care center instead.

Because of their approach to quick, convenient care and staffing, most urgent care and emergency centers are able to see patients far quicker than a standard doctor’s office. Of course, certain medical ailments are best treated by a primary care physician, but as it turns out, many problems can be addressed and treated just as well at an urgent care center. The next time you’re sick and you don’t feel like waiting around to get an appointment, check out your closest urgent care center. You just might be surprised by how fast you are able to receive quality care and attention.

Multiple Services Offered in One Location

A lot of people choose urgent care and emergency centers because they offer many different services in one place. While 44% to 65% of all ER episodes could have been treated at urgent care locations according to a recent study, there are certain times when it’s much more appropriate to seek out medical treatment at the ER. In most cases, it is pretty easy to spot the difference. Being able to get multiple services in one place also saves you more time. If you’re not sure whether a facility offers the care you need, you can figure it out in advance and make plans according to your needs.

At Legacy ER, we are happy to offer a broad range of emergency medical services. Unlike many emergency centers, our team of emergency medical physicians makes each and every patient interaction a top priority. Whether you’re dealing with a situation that requires immediate attention and emergency services or something a little milder, we would love to help deliver high-quality medical services to you and your family. Not sure how to get started on establishing a relationship with our emergency center? Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information. We can’t wait to be by your side through whatever you are dealing with.