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4 Top Benefits of a Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic for Your Child - Legacy ER

4 Top Benefits of a Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic for Your Child - Legacy ER

In 2016, 27% of U.S. patients reported having visited an urgent care center within the last two years. When it comes to children, pediatric urgent care may be more suitable. These facilities specialize solely in the unique medical needs of children in a much kid-friendlier environment. Why should you consider a pediatric facility over traditional urgent care or ER? Here are the four top benefits of a pediatric urgent care clinic for your child.

Pediatric Specialists

In a pediatric urgent care center, there are specialists who are trained to only work with children. This is typically not the case in traditional urgent care facilities. Doctors at a general urgent care are trained to treat people of every age and typically only receive a few months of pediatric training. Pediatric specialists have at least three years of medical training specifically for children.

Child-Sized Care

A pediatric urgent care clinic is designed with equipment specifically for children. Blood pressure cuffs, scales, and temperature probes are all scaled to fit their smaller size. Slings, boots, and splints can even be adjusted to fit babies and toddlers. During an X-ray, a child can receive up to 80% less radiation than at a traditional urgent care facility.

Child-Friendly Atmosphere

Many pediatric clinics feature colorful wall art, toys, and child-appropriate books that provide a friendlier atmosphere for children. Snacks, stickers, and prizes are kept on hand to help make going to the doctor less stressful and scary. This child-friendly atmosphere helps provide a welcome distraction while seeking treatment.

Faster Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of taking your child to a pediatric facility is that they typically can receive faster medical treatment. There is far less waiting in line than at an emergency room. An ER treats patients based on how life-threatening someone’s condition is, so you may have to wait hours before being seen for treatment. Many pediatric clinics operate on a first-come, first-served basis so you’ll know how long you’ll have to wait in order to be seen.

Taking your child to a pediatric urgent care clinic can help them receive treatment in a way that’s less scary than traditional medical settings. Everything is designed to meet their unique needs in order to receive the best possible treatment. The next time your child needs care outside of your doctor’s business hours, consider visiting a pediatric emergency care facility.